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What is a crypto bullrun ? When is the next one?

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What is a Crypto Bullrun?

The crypto bullrun is the best part of the cryptocurrency market cycle for investors because it means they can cash out and take profit on their investment.



What is a crypto bullrun?

The crypto bullrun is when Bitcoin prices stop going downward and start moving upwards. This happens when there are more investors buying Bitcoin than selling.

Bitcoin dominates more than 50% of the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin longterm investors (HODLERS )act like a price cushion.

As Bitcoin starts turning upwards due to important institutional cash inflow, this creates a domino effect and retail investors start entering the market, bring the “cushion” to higher levels.


What causes the crypto Bullrun

2021 bullrun

The 2021 bullrun was initated by several events


Obvious signs of a crypto bull run

  • Institutional investors are buying and bragging about it
  • The buy volume of retail investors is higher than institutional investors
  • The crypto forums are super active
  • Crypto is on the news everyday
  • Non-crypto/finance youtubers promoting crypto products
  • Dormant altcoins start rising
  • An abnormal surge in “blockchain start-up unicorns”

A Bullish vs Bearish market

In a bearish market , the opposite happens.

Here is how you know it’s the bear market

  • New institutions have cashed out
  • There are mostly long-term holders
  • The popular projects start collapsing

When will the bull run start?

Historically, the crypto bull run has started after the Bitcoin halving event.



How long does the crypto bull run last?

As the market grows, the crypto bull runs last longer and longer.




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