Cryptocurrency for Beginners


Cryptocurrency for dummies

Cryptocurrency For Dummies

This is a library of beginner friendly cryptocurrency guides and explanations for non-techie investors


BTG - what is Bitcoingold 1 min read

 BitcoinGold Explained According to the BitcoinGold Whitepaper, BTG is an “experiment” designed to provide a more decentralized approach to mining by providing an ASIC-resistant cryptocurrency. BTG...

What is altcoin season in crypto (altcoin season explained) 1 min read

What is Altseason? Altcoin season( or Alt season) in cryptocurrency is a period in the cryptocurrency market cycle when all altcoins and blockchain tokens start...

What is a fork in cryptocrrency 1 min read

What is a FORK in crypto? For NON-TECHIES Each cryptocurrency is it's own blockchain and a fork is like an updated version of a blockchain...